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Saturday, 8 June 2013

Chalet Bitching: The Truth


  1. A work of genius. Awesome!

  2. Well, I've read your blog from start to finish, and in between snorting out loud with laughter (tres elegant, I assure you), I've made it my bible for how to do, or not do, a season. My new golden rules are as follows: drink at every opportunity. Likewise ski. Turn up at least half conscious for work as required (although I'm lucky there, as I can literally work from my bed in my pjs). Definitely don't fall into the over-late-20's-first-ski-season-cliche of working too hard and taking it too seriously (little danger of that). Be prepared not to want to return to Real Life afterwards.

    Do you know what the so-called serious How To Do A Ski Season articles told me: pack more socks. Not nearly as useful!

    Am now exercising my liver and sleep deprivation skills in readiness!

    Hope the adventures and excellent writing keep coming!


    1. Indeed, those 'to do' guides you find out in the ether leave a lot to be desired. You've come to the right place my dear! Where did you find the blog, by the way? I'd be interested to know. It sounds as if you have the right attitude and are far too awesome to fall into the late-20's crisis trap. What job have you landed? I am seething with jealousy that you're off out to the snowy hills come winter - you must keep be abreast of your adventures (I love that word...abreast)....

    2. It does rather roll off the tongue, doesn't it? (No pun intended!). I've cunningly landed myself an in-resort finance job, as I thought it might be a slightly less traumatic change than repping or hosting, hence the ability to work from my room (my precious, unshared, single room!!!!) - now I just need to figure out how to beat all the hosts and reps into submission so they cough up their weekly paperwork when they're supposed to, so I can have plenty of time skiing .... I'm thinking collecting in a bar might be the way forward ... tempt them with promises of beer if they get them right :-)

  3. "I am seething with jealousy that you're off out to the snowy hills come winter" - does this mean you're stuck in the UK this winter?

  4. Nine years and a failed business in China sit between me and my first season. But now I'm back with a disaster instead of a bank account and it's vitally important that I avoid wintering at my parent's house in rural Lancashire. I said I'd never host again, but all the bar jobs are gone and I'm running low on options. Maybe I should sell my ass back to the meat grinder. Stock up on earplugs, whisky and painkillers and embrace the squalor. Please Crystal, take me back!

    After all, there's no need to take it too seriously.


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