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Thursday, 30 June 2011

Who's afraid of my big bad cunt?

My dears, as you may or may not have gathered, cunt is one of my favourite words.

I realise, of course, that most people don’t think it’s very nice for a young lady to go around throwing her see you next Tuesdays around in such a flagrant way. I realise that by using it so often (along with all the other profanities I indulge in) I leave myself open to the criticism of having a limited vocabulary. I also realise that it’s pretty much the most offensive word my mother tongue has to proffer. But that’s the point.

When I was a kid, my parents argued. A lot. They would have wild, catastrophic, screaming and slanging matches, where my mother would pursue my father around the house, practically at gunpoint, shrieking and swearing. If my Dad really wanted to upset my mother, that’s what he’d call her – cunt - and it worked. It used to really, really offend and destroy her when he used that word. In one utterance he could take her dignity and erase any respect that hung between them.

It terrified me.


I’ll tell you what I find offensive. That there is a word of such power, of which some people – mainly women – are actually frightened. It really ruffles the feathers. Some people actually physically recoil from it. Why? Why should it be that the most unpleasant thing you can call another person is another word for lady-garden?

Twat’s not so bad of course. But how come there isn’t a worse word for penis than cock? If you call someone a penis/cock/wanker, etc, it’s mostly just funny. But cunt? That’s untouchable. It twists your mouth into a certain shape doesn’t it? You bark it, like a dog. You cough it out, like a demon. It’s been given some kind of bitter, dirty and aggressive connotation that it never used to have.

People –mostly women – feel they must fear it and are therefore, in my opinion, are essentially afraid of their own bits.

Look at it this way. When a man goes for a pee he touches his penis without even thinking about it. But women are not supposed to touch their fannies. We have to sit down and hope that the wee doesn’t go all over the flaps and down our legs – which happens sometimes. Why aren’t we taught to have a little rearrange of ourselves down there before we go? It would make more sense. But no. Women are taught it’s unhygienic, even indecorous, to do so.

Well, I decided many years ago, that I refuse to be offended by that word any more. What’s to fear? It’s a marvelous word. It has such presence...

Cunt. What a cunt!

You sir, are a cunt!

I called him a cunt, and now I'm calling you one. CUNT!

It has such impact when a woman uses it. No one expects it. It shuts people up, I can tell you. Because it makes you seem fearless.

I started using it a lot and really enjoying the response.

I reclaimed it for women-kind. If anyone’s going to use our pussies to insult people, it ought to be us, after all.


  1. I liked this so much, I plus oned you, whatever that means. It must be pretty important because I'm seeing it all over the Google.

  2. Haha thank you! Seems to be a new way of recommending things to people. Many thanks for your support :)

  3. nicely put :P
    I think the power of the word is in the it sounds as well, you can put a real cutting edge in to it. It sounds hard and offensive. Fuck is the the same but not as harsh.

  4. It might be a generational thing because my mom is the same way. She can curse and swear and say all kinds of stuff but she can't stand the word cunt. I don't really care. If someone is going to call me names they're going to call me names, it doesn't make much difference to me. Plus I have a pretty good hold on curse words and yelling so rarely ever do I feel outmatched in a fight.

    Just wanted to let you know that this is a real cunty cunt of a post and I cunting love it! :-D

  5. I had a female friend one time, whose language was pretty earthy. This influenced how I would speak when we were chatting, and it happened that one day at work I called her from the office. I forgot where I was in the enthusiasm of the call, and my language was less than refined.

    In the shocked silence of my colleagues that followed the end of the conversation, (I worked in a posh office) one managed to say, in a strained voice "At least you didn't say the "C" word". Couldn't say "cunt", even in that context, and the situation would have been (even) worse had I said it.

  6. Belle, where have you gone? I only came across this blog after returning from my first season and catching up with your escapades kept me constantly entertained while holding back my post-season blues.

    Please say you're returning to the trois vallees this winter so i can get my fix of saisonnaire lifestyle - as i'll be stuck in the office this year while you'll be on the slopes on a bluebird day/ or just at the ronnie. Don't disappoint x

  7. Thanks for your message Contre.... I'm sorry I've been a bit quiet lately. In fact I have resisted the call of the Alps this year for various reasons...I am still here though...and I promise there will be more from Belle soon, although not necessarily in blog form.... ;oP

  8. Finally the old body clock kicking in? Maybe all that check arse for poo etc. actually got to you?
    Or have you just re-joined the tubetrain of normal humdrum working life? I hope not from a personal point of view - I love your blogs and always hide my toothbrush sine reading you, but whatever happening in your life, hope you are doing ok!!!

    1. Thankfully the body clock has not kicked in just yet....although the threat is always round the corner. Sorry for the radio silence :)

  9. This comment has been removed by the author.

  10. Oh you will LOVE, what we have in the greatest depths of our originality called, The Cunt Game.

    You need at least 4 fairly pissed up like-minded friend, and sometimes the introduction of a clean-mouthed-but-can-stray-to-the-dark-side stranger-but-now-new-best-friend-because-we're-all-very-drunk can stir things up a bit.

    Anyway, I digress. Basically, in no apparent organised order, you sit around and shout out the names of movies with a single well-placed word replaced by the word "cunt".

    Lock stock and two smoking cunts
    20,000 Cunts under the sea

    Once you get into a rhythm, it's hours of fun.

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. 2001 A Cunt Odyssey
      Cunt Wars (or Star Cunts)
      A fist full of cunts...

      .....oh I like this game!!!

  11. I was flipping back through some of my old school books from pre school and quite often i spelt can't...cunt!

    "The mother said to the child you cunt do that' ... 'why cunt i go to the show' etc etc... throwing it around here there and everywhere..i loved it!

    It seems as though my teacher even appreciated my choice of language because i got a fair few gold star stickers and stamp smiley faces! :)

  12. My brother's nickname for me is Cunty Bollocks. Never really gave it much thought until now really. What the fuck would cunty bollocks look like anyway?

  13. Aren't brothers charming? Yours is clearly as eloquent and inventive as mine when it comes to nicknames. I was the victim of 'titch', 'squirt', 'miss piggy' and more recently 'latrine' - which is almost as nice as Cunty Bollocks but not quite. Kudos to your bro, clearly a man of taste and originality. :D


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