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Wednesday, 27 January 2010

Some musings on our clients....

There's only two things in life I hate. People who don't tolerate other people's cultures. And Belgians.

No, seriously. I'm sorry to come over all, well, racist, but it has got to be admitted there are some serious native character traits shining through here - some of them unexpected.

Our first clients were Belgians: Fucking wierd. When Mike Myers decided Dr Evil should be from Bruges I can confirm there was a good reason for it. One particular specimen asked L if she would crawl around the dinner table with a Mont D'Or cheese on her back. He thought that was amusing. 'How bout nooooo....? You crazy Belgian bastard'.

A ce moment, we have some Brazilians: The hairiest, messiest and loudest family on earth for sure. They are charming enough socially, however I refuse to believe you can shed that much hair without being a warewolf. I also refuse to believe that you can accidentally stick dental floss to the wall, tread an entire packet of cream crackers into the 4 metres of carpet and not notice, leave poo on the floor of the shower, or allow your teenaged son to puke on the carpet and not even mention it let alone apologise. I refuse to believe you can leave skid marks of that magnitude without suffering one iota of shame or self-loathing. I refuse to believe you can do any of the above without being some sort of cunt.

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