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Belle de Neige

Monday, 18 January 2010

...may sun shine on your snowy slopes of happiness....

In case you haven't gathered I'm back up the hill. Ice blue sky and sugar lump mountains met me this morning. Indeed the sun does shine on the snowy slopes of happiness. I like to think of this all as a blank canvas, but who am I kidding? My best friend just died. The truth is I'm a mess and will be for sometime. Ladies and gentlemen you are seeing before you a train wreck in slow motion. Enjoy the ride.

Ski hours: 5 blissful hours on the sunny slopes with new friend who I shall dub 'Marks and Sparks' as she is on sabbatical from said highstreet monstrosity.

Celebs spotted: I walk into a bar, fresh back from my flight and am greeted by the sight of Jimbo chatting to a craggy-faced, slightly moist looking chap with blondish hair. I mooch over to request a drink. Said chap turns to me and says 'Hiya. How are you?' .....Ooooh, thinks I. You're Max Beesely. Nice. 'Fine thanks' says I. 'Enjoying the skiing?' ....and so on....

Hot ski instructors spotted: Thin on the frickin ground mate. They are all inbreeds. It's most disappointing.



  1. love your stuff; found you after the ST article. Sorry about Shazzer - made me cry copiously and i'm not you. Will keep reading but hope it's not too much of a train wreck. I'm kind of you but 20 years on; i managed to survive. Just.

  2. Thank you, anon. I hope like me you've found a sideways snigger at life is the best tonic for a broken heart x


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