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Thursday, 31 December 2009

To my friend

No. There's something I was meaning to tell you.
It would have made you laugh.
We haven't had that conversation we were going to have, about that thing.
Or gone to that place we said we'd go. Had that big adventure.
What about that experiment we were going to try?
I haven't laughed at that hair-brained idea you were going to have.
Or that totally inappropriate comment you were going to make.
I haven't made you that promise you wanted me to keep.
We never solved that problem you were going to tell me about
or shared that secret of mine.
What a terrible unfinished mess. So much left undone. Whose right was it to say 'it's time'? How dare they?
My friend. My love.
Have I failed you precious butterfly? You have slipped from my fingers.
I will never say goodbye.

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  1. That is so beautiful and so true. I hate to admit it but I'm actually about to cry.


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